Teens love their technology these days, but driving and technology don't always get along when distractions come into play. Here at Douglass Ford, we have compiled a few of our favorite technology features from the Ford EcoSport that are thoughtfully designed with the modern teen in mind.

FordPass Connect is a tech service available for the Ford EcoSport that allows up to 10 mobile devices to connect to its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot at once. Not only can passengers stay entertained on long road trips with friends, but the FordPass Connect hotspot keeps them connected up to 50 feet away from the car.

If you're worried that the Wi-Fi connectivity will be too distracting for your teen driver, then you'll find comfort in the Ford MyKey service. MyKey lets you program their key so that the car will only go as fast as you allow, and you can even decrease the audio volume so they're not blowing out your speakers. Ford's MyKey service also keeps safety in mind by providing a 911 assist option and do not disturb to deflect distracting texts and phone calls.

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