When your Ford lease is up, what do you do? How do you prepare your leased Ford for return? Our Douglass Ford team gets this question often. Here's a quick review of what to do.

Prepare for Wear and Use Assessment

The end of any Ford lease entails a wear and use assessment. The assessment may indicate a need for certain repairs, which you should address as promptly as possible. The better shape your leased Ford remains in, the less likely you are to incur repair bills at the end of your lease.

Cleaning Your Ford for Lease-End

Your leased Ford doesn't have to be detailed, but it should be clean and sellable when you return it. Be sure to remove all personal items from

  • Seatbacks
  • Sun visors
  • Under seats
  • In compartments
  • Inside media devices

Next, gather everything that came with your leased Ford. This includes items like fobs, cargo covers, floor mats and owner's manuals. Depending on the Ford that you lease, the list of items that must be recovered and returned may also include:

  • Original wheel rims
  • Unique hybrid/plug-in accessories (cords)
  • Navigation media
  • Headphones, remotes



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